-Be not worrying my love,

– Tho we far apart,

-Am still breathing,

-the same air you adopt,

-Be not shedding tears love,

-our hearts, our love apart,

-I still reach for the distance happiness,

-In the short time we couress,

-Be not weak mylove,

-Our love is still renewed,

-Fruit of romance, or tenderness we plucked,

-The sweetness is never too far,

-Be not hopeless love,

-two hearts in one,

-It’s never too far,

-before i get you back in my arms,

☆Nearing Midnight…. You were still on sight….




-Something whirls between us,

-And it sounds like the waters of river Nile,

-has love hugged us….

-O’ i hope it comes deep from our hearts,

-Every time you look at me,

-it’s like the length or the flow….

-I still fight to struggle,

-it’s like a battle….

-I still can’t find to see,

-by meaning….

-How you were made….

-you blinked….

-then i start to think,

-The fire from my eye’s,

-makes you wonder….

-Maybe am the gods to manipulate.

-Beauty from the inside….

-So we step the waters,

-Both of us,

-and find out where this trial leads….

-Be it the end of earth,

-Our bond makes us strong,

-though stones and fierce creatures,

-We still will survive….

-because we are inlove….

In love….❤

By mayer

How it felt😥

-I can surely remember you,

-can’t forget you,

-the image of your face,

-keeps on hunting me in my memories,

-I remember the first day,

-the first day i kept sight on you,

-I just couldn’t control myself,

-My heartbeats sounded loud,

-I was afraid of an eye contact,

-it could make me loose control,

-I thought something is going to go on between us,

-angels do really live among us,

-Not only from your complexion did i notice this but also how you talk,

-how you walk,

-Your eyes coffee brown,

-made me feel like your already mine,

-While you were just a stranger,

-a stranger passing by,

-while saying Hi!….